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Image Access WideTEK 44

Codice prodotto: WT44-600
Note: Richiedi offerta personalizzata alle tue necessità.
Formato: A0
Tipo Scanner: Grande formato 44 pollici
Connessione: FTP, SMB, USB, e-mail
Risoluzione ottica: 1200 x 600 dpi

Scanner CCD a colori touchcreen per documenti di grande formato da 44 pollici (circa 112cm) per immagini di qualità eccellente e velocità di produzione. Illuminazione LED Bianca Luminoso


WideTEK® 44 Functions and Features
Functions, features and options available on the WideTEK® 44 wide format CCD scanner.

WideTEK® 44 Functions

  • Scans up to 44 inches (1120 mm) in width
  • Fastest color scanning at 12 inches per second (18.4 m/min)
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi scanner resolution
  • Automatic crop & deskew
  • On the fly rotation while scanning facilitates postprocessing
  • Face up scanning (no more "blind"scanning)
  • Real time display of scanned images, modify images without rescanning
  • Standalone device with its own integrated PC
  • Scan2USB -- Walk up Scanning to any USB device
  • Scan2Print -- Output to any connected printer or hot folder
  • Output formats: PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, Multipage PDF
  • Scan2Network -- Output to any network drive

WideTEK® 44 Features

  • Dual LED lamps with natural light diffusor, no warm up, IR/UV free
  • Large WVGA color touchscreen for simplified operation
  • User interface configurable in your language
  • Virus resistant Linux OS
  • OS independent, runs with Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux, Mac
  • ScanWizard uses any browser: IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox
  • Integrated walk up scanning software
  • New! Use touchscreen enhanced versions of ScanWizard, PrintWizard and EasyScan with Scan2Net firmware version 6.30 and later with a full HD external touchscreen and view your scan results in high definition.
  • Easy installation via Scan2Net® Technology
  • Remote maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Firmware updates via web interface
  • Dust-free camera technology

WideTEK® 44 Options

  • Foot Switch -- Hardware option for batch scanning
  • WideTEK -- UMFS universal multifunction stand, external 19" monitor for virtual rescans
  • Batch Scan Wizard -- Software option for batch scanning
  • Scan2iPF -- Software option for direct and fast copy to imagePROGRAF
  • Scan2EDIT -- Software option for scanning and image processing in a single step
  • Scan2ICC -- Subscription for ICC color management and profiles
  • Full Coverage Warranty -- Up to 5 years subscription for full coverage warranty package and free spare parts
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